a few facts


I grew up in Montreal, which is my template for a great city. I left to study at university, first pursuing an undergraduate degree in civil engineering, then a master's degree in architecture. Buildings and cities are my true love, my passion, my conceptual framework for seeing the world. As a Professor of Architecture, I have had the great pleasure of traveling the world,  seeing firsthand other cultures and places, and meeting and getting to know people with completely different experiences. The world is so large, yet paradoxically, so intimate.


I believe that architecture is, at its most fundamental, a cultural and human-based activity. Through my academic and fictional writing, I seek an understanding of the cultural and social contexts that result in built form, as well as the impacts that the built form has on our culture and societies. 


For almost twenty years, I have investigated the relationships between culture and architecture through academic writings and presentations. I am now taking those lessons and placing them within a fictional realm in which the built form can be used for nefarious purposes. But it is people who are at the heart of these explorations: who they are, how they interact with each other, and most importantly, why they are.